Welcome to the football manager 2010 guide. FM2010 is a football management simulation game from Sports Interactive.

Here, you can follow my progress through the game, as well as viewing screenshots and reading my tips on how to win!

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My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

Football Manager 2010 - First Impressions


I went out and bought the new game on the day of release and now, a month later, I'm still as addicted! I've been the manager of Stoke City and I'm already in my third season! I've decided to start a new game now and this blog will follow my progress throughout the game.

Firstly, here are my thoughts about the new game. The 3D match looks a lot better, with the addition of a crowd and better looking stadiums. It's not the only thing given a major overhaul - the whole interface has been changed, looking better, as well as being more responsive. I like the idea of 'shouting' instructions during a match, but the new look tactics system, for me, was a letdown - you're still restricted to default positions.


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