Welcome to the football manager 2010 guide. FM2010 is a football management simulation game from Sports Interactive.

Here, you can follow my progress through the game, as well as viewing screenshots and reading my tips on how to win!

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My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

Training Schedules on FM2010


Time to sort out the training schedules. It's best to get your training sorted whilst you're still in pre-season. When you start a game, all players use the same 'general' training schedule, so I would advise you to come up with your own set of schedules.

I've imported my 7 training schedules from fm2009.

defenders - (focussing mainly on strength and defensive attributes)
midfielders - (focussing on tactics, attacking and ball control)
strikers (pace) - (focussing on aerobic and shooting attributes)
strikers (power) - (focussing on strength & shooting)
wingbacks - (focussing on aerobic, as well as ball control)
wingers - (focussing on aerobic & attacking attributes)
set-pieces - (some training in each area, but also focussed on set-pieces)

All of my players will be assigned to one of the catergories and they will receive more training on the areas that they require for their playing position. Then I will 'auto-assign' the coaches, to help to maximise the impact of the training. I will also be downscaling the coaching team over the coming weeks.


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