Welcome to the football manager 2010 guide. FM2010 is a football management simulation game from Sports Interactive.

Here, you can follow my progress through the game, as well as viewing screenshots and reading my tips on how to win!

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My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

Football manager 2011 - Preview


I just thought I'd give you all the address to my latest blog - It's a new blog ready for the latest version of the football management simultation game by Sports Interactive. I will be adding screenshots and features ready for the launch in autumn.


Who will finish fourth in the premier league?


Read my views and leave your views at the new website


Follow my game on the latest Football manager game here


Due to a lack of time, I'm merging this football manager 2010 blog with another of my sites called View from the North Stand. This means that you can follow my game here.


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