Welcome to the football manager 2010 guide. FM2010 is a football management simulation game from Sports Interactive.

Here, you can follow my progress through the game, as well as viewing screenshots and reading my tips on how to win!

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My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

My Current Team - Tottenham Oct 2009

fm2010 wishlist - what would you like to see this year?


I'm looking forward to playing football manager 2010 even more than any other. FM2009 brought us a 3D match view for the first time in the football manager series, so I'm hoping that the 2010 game can take this further - possibly with a highlights package, where you get the see the goals in fifa like views.

I hope we don't have the same hassle with activation this year. After purchasing the game, I couldn't play it for hours - felt like days! I felt even more sorry for the people who had ordered it through Steam months in advance.

The stadium building is poor in football manager. Reading that your chairman has increased the capacity by 4000 is about as exciting as it gets. Look into this Sega! We need fans in the stadiums too, maybe with some chants here and there.

What's happened to the tactics!? In particular, the forward runs are limited to the next block only! We need full control of the tactics.


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